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Treatment Facilities, Pump Stations and Appurtenances

At State Utility Contractors our plant division has in depth experience in water and wastewater treatment plant construction dating back to the early 1970s. We have built water and wastewater treatment plants when either totally new facilities or complex additions were required. Our experience in making modifications to existing plants has thoroughly developed our skill in meeting construction schedules without disrupting our clients’ everyday operations. Our comprehensive capabilities in these areas are constantly updated in our geographic area ranging from the Carolinas, Virginia & Georgia. These are conditions that call upon our specialty capabilities, such as sheeting and dewatering, or drilling and blasting. We have broad experience in installation and start-up of heavy process equipment.

We also offer clients assistance in emergency shutdown situations. Our client list is a record of satisfied public and private enterprises, on whose sites we have met rigorous safety and scheduling requirements with the highest construction standards.

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